Learn how to add a twist to the conventional missionary by trying this sex position called ‘The Anvil’

Trying out new sex positions can add the spice back in your sex life. Even if your sex life is already hot and spicy, it doesn’t hurt to keep the steam alive by experimenting. In this post, we look at a sex position called ‘The Anvil’, which is a variation of the popular sex position called ‘missionary’.

How to do it: While it’s a variation of the missionary, it’s considered a more advanced position. The basic difference is instead of the woman’s legs on the bed; the position sees the woman’s leg on her partner’s shoulders ergo the name the Anvil.

Pros: The position is amazing because it allows deeper penetration and allows the penis to hit the elusive G-spot. Also, the male’s pubic bone will come in contact with the clitoris for some delightful clitoral stimulation which will be like a double jackpot and should make it too hot to handle.

Cons: This position is definitely not for everyone. Both partners need to be athletic and flexible. Holding the position is tough and many people find that they can’t hold this position for long. It can also be painful if your man’s penis is bigger than average or you have a tight vagina. A long penis might actually end up hitting the cervix instead of the G-spot which might make it more painful than pleasurable.