One question which could elicit polarised responses depending on who you ask is whether or not women should exercise during pregnancy. While some will tell you that it is important to keep active while pregnant, others will insist that you should put your body at rest until after the child is born.

It’s a debate that the people at London-based gym My Fitness Boutique ( have attempted to settle in this infographic. It advises that while it is not recommended to suddenly overload on exercise during pregnancy, there are numerous benefits to women of getting calculated amounts of exercise while they are pregnant. For instance, it helps to build up stamina for the delivery process and will also contribute to a better night’s sleep. It also eases the transition of your body shape from before the child’s birth to after it.

Exercises such as Pilates, Kegel exercises, stretches, cardio, squats, wall push-ups, cycling and lunges can all be hugely beneficial to pregnant women in that they strengthen the body and improve blood flow, which is also likely to lead to a healthier baby. It’s hugely important to remember, though, that exercises should be done with caution, and any strain needs to be taken seriously. Indeed, if a pregnant woman feels a strain while exercising, she should stop what she’s doing immediately so as not to run the risk of aggravating what could turn into a serious injury.

Check out the infographic below for a really useful guide on exercising during pregnancy.





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