We all know that green tea is very good for our internal health but only few know that it is very useful for skin too if applied externally.


1. How to get fresh look instantly by Green tea

If you want fresh facial look instantly and do not have time for it, go for green tea.

Take green tea bag, run it over super hot water
Squeeze some water out of it and rub the teabag all over your face until it has cooled off

You will get a nice look instantly

2. For glowing skin add green tea with cleanser

If you want to reach at your workplace with a glowing skin, add green tea with you facial cleanser.

How to add green tea with cleanser

1. Run a green teabag over super hot water. Cut it open and empty its contents into a small cup.
2. Now add 2 tablespoons of cleanser into this
3. Mix it
4. Apply this mixture on your face